Energy management should be a crucial concern of any business regardless of size or sector.

Improving energy efficiency allows business to reduce their overheads, improve their public image and reduce carbon emission.

By implementing energy efficiency measures and minimising carbon emissions, organisations can take advantage of significant financial benefits. It takes the right tools and technology to make effective decisions to reduce utility costs.

With this in mind, ELBMS’ goal is to offer a complete solution, spanning from an initial energy survey to assess energy efficiency at your site, right up to a project management service. We are committed to improve the performance of your organisation, avoid the extra costs and enable you to take advantage of the financial gains that will result.

No matter the sector of your business ELBMS can help your company to build an effective and cost effective approach to energy management.

ELBMS offers expert advice and help devise strategies that can make sustainable savings and improves the efficiency of your business’ energy consumption via precise changes to its mechanical and electrical infrastructure.

We can reduce energy consumptions upto 30% by replacing inefficient lighting systems with LED lamps introducing sophisticated control systems.

Investment made in installing more sustainable energy efficient building systems pays for itself through savings on subsequent energy bills.

We ensure that in the hands of our team of experienced Electrical Engineers and management team your commercial project will be managed, delivered and commissioned to the very highest of standards. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and professionalism.

Professional design and installation of all electrical systems


We opt for energy-efficient, high performance reliable lighting and electrical equipment that are suitable for all electrical applications.


Energy Audit

Our energy audit services will provide you with recommendations on how to improve the efficiency of your home or business. Our thorough audits use state of the art equipment to measure and monitor current energy consumption in all areas of the building (WAGES) These include remote energy monitoring devices, data loggers, Infrared cameras, temperature and air monitoring equipment. This will ensure a clear understating of the buildings working envelope.


New Commercial Projects


Our electrical engineers are well experienced in wiring a wide range of commercial and industrial applications in new building construction projects.


Refurbishment Projects


Our experts will inspect, and carry out repairs to your electrical systems, panels and breakers in all your refurbishing projects.  We can customize and upgrade your electrical systems and panels according to the changes you would like to make when you are refurbishing.  We can fabricate new electrical panels or repair existing ones according to your requirement.

Interior and exterior lighting systems

We provide energy saving lighting systems for both interior and exterior spaces and wire them carefully according to the location.

When we are looking at interior lighting fixtures for commercial purposes we will look at both style and functionality. We will help you dress up your commercial work place with a great lighting system where you can save energy and beautify the place at the same time.

Our electricians can install an exterior lighting system designed to highlight the aesthetics of your storefront, walkways and entryways and help to illuminate the most important points of your building’s exterior.

Emergency Lighting


We have emergency lighting systems that are fully automatic and it will illuminate the commercial premises quite sufficiently that will either enable any person of any age to evacuate the premises or avoid complete darkness.


Telecommunication and data wiring


Our team of experts can provide the best services when you need to Install telecommunication and data cables on both the interior and exterior of the building.We will provide the infrastructure engineering for voice, data, video and wireless solutions at your workplace.


Fault finding and breakdown repair


We provide planned preventative maintenance and breakdown repair on all equipment on site. Your company’s single phase, three phase electrical system will be checked carefully by our expert Electrical Engineers and faults will be evaluated and repaired accordingly.


Building Maintenance work

Our expertise spread from electrical appliances to cables and wiring etc. If something has a fault or needs an upgrade we can be of assistance immediately by providing you quick maintenance services at a very reasonable rate.